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The Roadtrip

Here’s an older piece that is not an accurate reflection of where I am now, but it is true to who I was then. It speaks of the joys of

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On Highs and Lows: An Excerpt

Pictured above: my actual view from Mt. Washington after a storm ripped through… Here’s an excerpt from my book and work-in-progress. Part Trail-journal, part philosophical inquiry, and part life-guide, this

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Autumn is for Musing, Part I

This is another short piece, originally written in October 2020. It’s a rambling, questioning search amid the infamous 2020, wondering how it’s possible to grow up and thrive at any

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Excerpt from a Short Story

The following is an excerpt from a short story I wrote after my three months on the Appalachian Trail. The full story was written for a friend as a gift,

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