Hi, I'm Niki, your virtual, volunteer, Death doula.

Let me help you create the printed story of your life through legacy work, free of charge.

As a death doula, I help you face your mortality by helping you leave a legacy. Through a series of interviews, we will explore your life and weave the fabric of your story together.

This work can be done while you are fully healthy, or after receiving a life-changing diagnosis.

I am a certified death doula helping you face your mortality and navigate the pre-planning stage of the end of life.

As a death doula and a writer, I strive to help others make sense of their lives and of their mortality, through my favorite medium…writing! To that end, I offer virtual biography services, where we can tell your life’s story in a printed book. My work centers upon the idea that viewing life with an eye towards finitude helps us live with intention and purpose: living presently while still striving towards the future.

What's Included?

As my death doula, what else can you help me with?

What’s important to you both in death and life? What does a life well-lived look like, FOR YOU, regardless of how much time remains? Your answers will shape our plan moving forward. EVERYONE can benefit from a session or two of this deep exploration!

Developing a plan with you so your wishes are known to all relevant parties during treatments and hospitalization

Let’s unpack your death anxieties, questions, phobias – I’m here for it all!

From death-positive spaces, mental health workers, grief support, and more, there are more options for help than you might think.

I am a sympathetic and loving presence as you navigate loss.

Developed together according to your wishes

any other logistics that you would like