For the hurried, the busy, the practical, Numbered Days is a reminder, hope, and prayer: “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Welcome to the conversation.

About the project

Numbered Days is a place to openly engage with others about death, dying, and this thing called Living. 

I offer death doula care at any phase of your journey. And since living and dying are intrinsically connected, I am pleased to offer life work in addition to death work. Lastly, Numbered Days exists to provide educational resources to prepare you for the end-of-life process, whether for yourself or a loved one. 

Ultimately, I hope that Numbered Days inspires more people to make room in their lives for death. I hope they will embrace it not as a frightening concept to be avoided and feared at all costs, but rather a natural – in fact, necessary – component to a life well-lived.

Who is Numbered Days For?

This place is for you if you’ve ever:

  • Been afraid of dying

  • Been afraid of living

  • Wanted to talk about both things but didn’t know where to go

  • Wanted to learn more about the dying process

  • Asked yourself “is this all there is?” “What’s the point to living?”

  • Been overwhelmed with the questions that come up when dying

In addition to the above, Numbered Days also seeks to explore and answer questions such as:

    • How should I choose an elder care facility? Is that even necessary?

    • How do I tell my aging loved one of this situation?

    • How do I select hospice?

    • When is it time for hospice?

    • How do I handle these emotions?

    • Do I say too much or not enough?

    • How do I let go?

    • How do I support the surviving spouse of my passed loved one?

Are you ready?

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